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With a great love for food and beverages and crafting it locally, there are various locations all over the county. Norfolk and its surrounding locations are well known for producing various foods and ingredients used in meals.

The county’s climate and soil are used for growing wheat, barley, and other crops. They also grow apples, beans, peas, strawberries, and horticulture products throughout the county.

Due to the popularity of wheat and barley growing, there are many craft breweries around Norfolk with great success in brewing and selling their beer. Other beverages such as gin and wine are also popular beverages made by local businesses.

About Festivals

Due to the love of food and beverages in Norfolk, there are many festivals dedicated to food, beverages, and farming. Even the festivals that are not focused specifically on food and beverages are known to have a large number of speciality food, beer, and gin stalls for visitors to indulge in the tastiest locally made drinks, meals, and produce.

About Producers and Businesses

Throughout Norfolk, there are a variety of producers and businesses selling locally grown and manufactured products. With beer being the most popular beverage made in Norfolk, many brew masters are joining in the business of craft brewing resulting in an abundance of flavourful beer.

Produce and farming also makes a large contribution to the economy, community, and visitors to the county by supplying most restaurants and festivals with fresh produce.

About Events and Fairs

Food and beverage events happen all-year-round, with local producers and businesses grabbing at the opportunities to showcase their latest products and creations of beverages and food items. Due to fresh produce being widely available most meals bought at food events are carefully crafted with passion and fresh ingredients.

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